Windows 7 rss widget not updating

We’ve just released two new widgets that are useful for time management – a stopwatch and a countdown timer.

You can add them to your page using the “Add widgets” menu at the top of your screen. By popular demand, we now support configurable widget ‘transparency’.

Therefore, you may prefer to go to the Colors/Settings menu in Protopage to reduce the font size.

Alternatively, on modern web browsers you can press Ctrl or Ctrl- (Cmd or Cmd- on Mac) to change your font size.

Tap the ‘S’ key while holding the mouse button down to mark all feeds on your page as ‘unread’.

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Every widget on the current tab in your Protopage will be marked as read.

For more information, depending on what version of Windows you are using, Google for e.g. It’s hard to believe – Protopage is now 10 years old!

We launched way back in 2005, and became the most bookmarked web site in the world for several days running (as tracked by “Delicious”).

(Access the search from the ‘Add widgets’ button at the top of your Protopage).

Protopage for i Pad – We’ve developed a special i Pad/tablet version of Protopage that will bring you all of your news feeds and podcasts in a much nicer interface tailored specifically for tablets.

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