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Well, the truth is, setting boundaries is more yang (masculine energy) than yin (feminine energy). Again, most men are good, kind, and respectful human beings who will listen when you decline their offer politely.But that doesn’t mean that, as a woman, you shouldn’t do it. It helps, though, to know that you can always play the firm boundary card if you need it.The more they push, the stronger you need to hold your ground. The point is, it doesn’t matter if the guy thinks you’re a bitch.There was one time when I was out with a bunch of female friends and a man came and sat next to me at our table. It matters that he leaves you alone when you tell him to leave you alone.This is my go-to technique with pick-up artists and male dating experts who want to try their “expertise” on me.I want to stay in rapport without flirting with them. And pretty soon they *decide* that there’s no chemistry and that *they* should just be friends with me.You are not responsible for his emotions or his ego. Your choice to decline the date needs no justification or explanation.Another thing to keep in mind is that if he asks you out, you don’t owe him anything. He might say, When someone puts sexual energy into the equation, all previous bets are off. Again, most of the time, these date-declining conversations will be graceful and polite if you are.

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Stand the way he stands, sit the way he sits (as best you can without pulling a Britney Spears), and talk the way he talks.

This is an unbalanced relationship, very different from a friendship where equality and balance are inherent.

In friendship, both are friends, both like being friends with the other, and both support each other in finding love with someone else (not each other).

Sometimes men mistake a friendship for something more and become disappointed when they find out she didn’t feel the same way. Many women get frustrated by this and wonder how he got that idea when she thought they were just friends?

In this situation, both parties are equally delusional.

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    First of all, we are talking about the rules of conduct.