Peter paige dating

Other film credits include Don Mc Kellar's Childstar with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Dave Foley, Showtime's Our America (which debuted at Sundance in 2002), indie Pop and the award-winning shorts The Four of Us and The Shooting.An accomplished stage actor, Paige has appeared at major regional theatres throughout the country, most notably in world premieres at La Jolla Playhouse, Portland Center Stage, and Playwrights Horizons.Later that night, Darcy uploads the photos and gets compliments from a guy that Peter knows from the Web named Adams.Peter lies to Darcy and says that Adams is a teenager, plays soccer, is decent-looking, and has money.

On the day of the ski trip, Peter and Darcy are shown messing around an having fun.In Free Fallin' (1), Peter wants forgiveness from Darcy. She seems to be warming up to him again, until he tells her that he has been driving with a suspended license. In Free Fallin' (2), Darcy gives Peter a second chance and agrees to go on a date with him. In Sunglasses at Night, Peter and Darcy are loving their secret relationship. Hatzilakos finds out she threatens to send Peter to boarding school.Despite her threats, Peter and Darcy's love remains strong and they are determined not to break up.Peter also tells Darcy that Adams paid 0 for a picture of Darcy from her My Room page.In Eyes Without a Face (2), Darcy continues to let Peter take sexy photos of her.

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