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Brennan finds that the victim was shot at close range in the frontal lobe.

She also discovers a photograph crammed down the victim's throat.

At the lab, Hazmat clad Cam, Brennan, Sweets and Hodgins examine the body.

The top half of the corpse is decomposed to bone while the bottom half is gooey flesh.

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The squints hear Bill tell Arthur to fire Veronica. The killer wanted to make sure the photograph died with Bill. Each man is jealous of the other: Mark wants to go out on dates with Brennan and Jason wants to go into the bedroom with her. Arthur didn't want Bill to go on the trip, a decision that enraged Bill. She has a sexual relationship with Mark and an intellectual relationship with the botanist. Brennan leaves for her date, despite Booth's protests. Daisy notices hairline fractures at the base of the skull and an ante-mortem fracture to the lumbar vertebrae. Sweets reports his findings from the footage to Booth. Francis explains that she hated Bill O'Roarke because he tried to ruin her marriage. He was warning the woman about the risks of meeting someone online. The sting of rejection makes Brennan consider the argument for monogamy. He even threatened to quit, a move that would have cost Arthur millions, and could have motivated Arthur to kill Bill and collect the insurance money instead. When Arthur produces a credible alibi, our guys turn their attention to the possibility of a "revenge killer." To this end, Sweets is collecting footage from Busted by Bill. "Six men crying, two insisting they'd gotten lost and four saying they were trying to show the poor, young woman how dangerous the internet could be." He only found one man that exhibited the correct amount of rage to commit this murder: Jim Dodd. When Bill busts Jim for cheating, he lashes out, punching Bill in the face and drawing blood. Francis insists she didn't kill Bill, but Booth insists she turn over her gun. He gave him a coffee laced with eye drops, which caused Bill to have diarrhea. Booth assures her there is a perfect person out there for her. Daisy runs in to introduce herself to Brennan, her hero. Hodgins reports that the wire found in the victim's intestines was from a microphone that was used to cram the picture down Bill's throat. Though Brennan dismisses her, Daisy glows and comments, "She's so smart." When Booth and Brennan learn that the fatal bullet didn't come from Francis's gun, they meet with Noel. Booth meets with Jim Dodd who claims he's been in hiding because loan sharks are looking for him. Angela continues to work on the photograph and she was able to bring out a little more detail. Holly could have gotten a microphone but she wouldn't have been strong enough to lift the body into the outhouse tank. "Someone who was surprised and enraged by the image," deduces Daisy, "I minored in psychology." Sweets is impressed.

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