Cpanel bandwidth not updating

Requirements: Root SSH access to your server Login as root through SSH.

1) Login to your server and You will be show the config options to build apache with.

THE REASON WHY c Panel AWStats IS NOT UPDATING AUTOMATICALLY c Panel tool is often used by the AWstats which is used to analyze the visitors of the internet site.

The factors that are to be analyzed are range of visits, pages, hits, and bandwidth and so on.

Fix c Panel/WHM Quotas Cpanel/WHM sometimes has problems with the user quota files causing all users accounts to have unlimited disk space available or 0 megs of disk space in use.

This obviously confuses your customers and doesn’t show a real representation of actual disk space being used by your clients.

Explains the steps needed to increase disk space for accounts on WHM Where do I Change my Mailbox (Size) Quota?

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You must have root access to server for updating AWStats via SSH. 2, Execute; In the AWStats page there is an option to update it manually. You have to check the following this via shell as root user. 6) Exit, Exit, Yes to safe config Apache will recompiled with your options and modules 7) Wait for it to complete, this takes 15-30 minutes depending on the speed of your machine and options selected.Apache restarts 8) You should see a message that says “httpd started ok”. Check your websites to ensure everything is okay and working properly. Go back to step 2 and change your options in the configuration, sometimes things don’t work.Unless you know what you are doing, DO NOT delete files from anywhere other than public_html (and don't go deleting files from public_html unless you understsnd how this will affect your website! These statistics are NOT updated in real time, but are done periodically, so it may take some time to update if you have deleted large amounts of data.More detail If you scroll down you can see another table, which is calculated in real time.

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