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Hearing-impaired residents in California were shocked on Monday when they attempted to sign up to a Government health insurance programme, but were instead connected to a sex-chat hotline.

This allowed communications between hosts running on the same network.One resident said he logged on to Covered California's website, and having filled in his information, was prompted to call the company's helpline.When he was taken to the adult service, he redialled, but soon realised the number was wrong, the US network reported. Additional information has been gathered from various sites on the internet To get information quick from one place to another has allways been a vital element in commerce, warfare and sciences.Researchers at the Bell labs invent the modem (modulator - demodulator).

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    On Android, hit More in your conversation’s menu, followed by Email Chat.

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    The account page tells you to go the customer care page, which then directs you to the account page so you just go round in a circle. I called them after they took £77.94 for another six months to ask if I could have this refunded as wasn't using the site and don't want another six months. Read Full Review The search facility is really bad, one I did revealed 220 members but all I could view were one page - useless!