Anderson duchovny dating

The X-Files was initially revived with six episodes in early 2016 and proved wildly popular.

The series created by Chris Carter ran from 1993 to 2002 although Duchovny left in 2000 after seven seasons.

It’s never happened, it’s not going to happen, we’re friends,” he says.

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'Mostly because I've been working hard since the series ended to play women without a trace of Scully in them, and on the whole they've been far more serious than Scully was.

We understand that we're the only two people who have had this experience together.

I think we'd have been better served if we'd realised that earlier on in our lives…

So it was fairly easy to play her in the more comedic scenes, but I found when I had to do a serious scene I was thinking, "Wait - I remember how Miss Havisham from Great Expectations [the 2011 mini-series she starred in] holds her face but I can't remember what Scully looks like when she's serious!

"'Complicating matters was the fact she had to wear a wig for this series.

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