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3 : we looking CM kids for schoolbag shooting in shenzhen ,age around 3-7 yeals old Shooting Models Wanted (MTR Line 5: Bantian/Yangmei) Shooting spot: MTR Line 5: Bantian/Yangmei Kids training school Ads Video Shooting, need models act as high quality teachers teaching kids in the school. Payment rate: *** yuan per hour Candidates Requirements: Female Native English Speaker Please contacted by wechat. We are looking for the following models for a short commercial shoot in Shenzhen at the end of the month: Adult male 30 years Adult female 30 years Teenage girl Teenage boy Girl 2-3 years Boy 2-3 years Girl 3- 6 years Boy 3- 6 years Girl 5 -8 years Boy 5 -8 years All shooting is in Shenzhen at a competitive day rate. We are the International Service company for North-American, European and Japanese customers.

Our main products are Women fashion products, especially women lingerie and women leg wear.

Pay ranges from RMB 12000 - RMB 15000 a day for modeling assignments. You do not need to have experience but you have to be a confident person.

You will be trained by our team in how to pose, to change different emotions and work on a runway or in front of the camera.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Lita and Sweet Tooth Confections through this interview.

To order Lita’s cookies on We Chat, just scan the QR code below and add her on We Chat (her We Chat ID is “Chocolatasian”).

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1 : we looking 65cm--85cm (age maybe 4 month -2years old ) foreign children .No traveling out of your city since shooting will be conducted in your city.Shooting will be done only on weekends and sometimes on weekdays depending on when it is best for the selected model. Please attached atleast 5 of your photos and send to us.जैसे की पुरानी कहावत है की छोटा मगर पूरी तरह से बना हुआ.9apps एंड्रायड मोबाइल फ़ोन के लिए अन्य हॉट / उच्च Communication के मोबाइल ऐप्स भी प्रदान करता है.9Apps - एंड्राइड एप्स के प्रभंधन का सर्वोच्च तरीका.

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