Accommodating workplace injuries is dating minors illegal

By meeting with staff, if needed, before a new employee with disabilities starts work, you can provide information and build the comfort level of your staff.

Not every person will self-identify that they have a disability and need accommodation.

The following are some guidelines employers should use when dealing with light duty situations and dealing with the employee’s Health Care Provider (HCP): Most importantly, I strongly recommend implementing a light duty policy that will address all of the issues and concerns that swirl around the concept of “light duty,” including the setting of some temporal limits on how long a stint of light duty can last.

People with disabilities may just have the skills and competencies you require within your organization yet they are often under-employed.

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However, to be as inclusive as possible, an employer should still explore whether some form of accommodation is possible anyhow.Therefore, it is important to have an open communication with any employees with disabilities and check-in with them regularly.Local advocacy groups and organizations that provide services to people with disabilities or websites for national organizations (like the Canadian National Institute for the Blind or Canadian Mental Health Association can also provide helpful resources about understanding or accommodating specific disabilities.The CCRW connects employers with job seekers who have disabilities and is committed to promoting and supporting the meaningful and equitable employment of persons with disabilities.The national office is located in Toronto with an employment services office in Moncton, New Brunswick and project offices across Canada in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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